Breeders Details

Name:Mr P.L. & Mrs A.J.Hutchison
Contact Details:
Telephone:01636 821600
Number Of Dogs Bred:177
Kennel Club Accredited Breeder  

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Fallowfen After Summer
Fallowfen's Bouncing Girl
Fallowfen's Catch You Gently
Fallowfen's Cerise
Fallowfen's Chestnut
Fallowfen Dizzy Dora
Fallowfen's Dont Be Shy
Fallowfen Ellie Green
Fallowfen's Entice You
Fallowfen Faithful Charlie
Fallowfen Faithful Fox
Fallowfen Faithful Lass
Fallowfen Faithful Xena
Fallowfen Faithful Yoko
Fallowfen's Fire Engine Red
Fallowfen Firebrick Rusty
Fallowfen Flame Red
Fallowfen Folly Flame
Fallowfen Foxy Cub At Dinaskarrek
Fallowfen Foxy Fellow at Tollerice
Fallowfen Foxy Lady at Danehaven
Fallowfen Foxy Lass of Pipersheath
Fallowfen Foxy Madam at Silverbriar
Fallowfen Foxy Vixen of Jemmatee
Fallowfen's Frolic Time
Fallowfen Graceful Amber Of Austerby
Fallowfen Graceful Garnet
Fallowfen Graceful Ruby at Dinaskarrek
Fallowfen Graceful Sunset
Fallowfen Grain of Barley
Fallowfen Grand Red
Fallowfen Grand Rusty
Fallowfen Heavenly Harriet
Fallowfen Heavenly Hope
Fallowfen Heroic Harvey
Fallowfen Heroic Hector
Fallowfen Heroic Hercules
Fallowfen Heroic Horace
Fallowfen Ideal Inca
Fallowfen Ideal Isaac
Fallowfen Ideal Ivan
Fallowfen Idyllic Isla
Fallowfen Idyllic Ivy
Fallowfen Idyllic Izzy
Fallowfen Joyful Jude
Fallowfen Joyful June
Fallowfen Joyful One
Fallowfen Joyful Rascal
Fallowfen Jumping Janyo
Fallowfen Just Happy
Fallowfen Just Joking
Fallowfen Just Like Me
Fallowfen Krafty Kale
Fallowfen Krafty Karah
Fallowfen Krafty Kera
Fallowfen Krafty Koral
Fallowfen Krafty Kory
Fallowfen Lady Crimson
Fallowfen Lady Rosa
Fallowfen Lady Scarlet
Fallowfen Lioness Elsa
Fallowfen Loki Howard
Fallowfen Lord Byron
Fallowfen Lord Louis
Fallowfen Lord Wilfred
Fallowfen's Lure You
Fallowfen Majestic Cookie
Fallowfen Major Toby
Fallowfen Master Charlie
Fallowfen McGregor Bisley
Fallowfen's Middle Man
Fallowfen Mighty Finn
Fallowfen Miss Scout
Fallowfen Misty Sunset
Fallowfen's Nitefall Gold
Fallowfen Nitefall Red Rosy
Fallowfen Nixons Victory
Fallowfen Now Mighty Star
Fallowfen Now Mister Claret
Fallowfen Now Orange Glow
Fallowfen Now Scrumpy Jack
Fallowfen On The Bank
Fallowfen's One And Only
Fallowfen's One In A Million
Fallowfen's One Of Many
Fallowfen's One Time Teal
Fallowfen's One To One
Fallowfen's Orange Red
Fallowfen Peaceful Ruler
Fallowfen's Perfect Ash
Fallowfen's Persian Red
Fallowfen Picture Perfect
Fallowfen's Pillar Box Red
Fallowfen's Piper Charlie
Fallowfen's Piper Diesel
Fallowfen's Piper Hobbes
Fallowfen's Piper Jake
Fallowfen's Piper Jazz
Fallowfen's Post Box Red
Fallowfen's Quaint Maple
Fallowfen's Queen Ruby
Fallowfen's Quest
Fallowfen's Quick Zaki
Fallowfen Racy Ash
Fallowfen Racy Gypsy
Fallowfen's Red All Over
Fallowfen Red Violet
Fallowfen Redwood Boy
Fallowfen Rich in Spirit
Fallowfen's Rose Madder
Fallowfen Royal Bernie
Fallowfen Royal Bracken
Fallowfen Royal Buck
Fallowfen Royal Cadet
Fallowfen Royal Widgeon
Fallowfen Rufus Roo
Fallowfen Russet Lad
Fallowfen's Scarlet Bailey
Fallowfen's Scarlet Jewel
Fallowfen's Scarlet Vixen
Fallowfen Scarlett Ruby
Fallowfen's Scottish Sunset
Fallowfen's Silver Cairn
Fallowfen's Sir Pepper
Fallowfen's Sky Night Red Dex
Fallowfen's Slowly Slowly
Fallowfen Son Of Spalding
Fallowfen's Star of Pads
Fallowfen's Sunset Dream
Fallowfen's Sweet Red
Fallowfen Tala Taylor
Fallowfen's Tawney Vixen
Fallowfen's Temily Lexi Roo
Fallowfen's Tempting Tolly
Fallowfen's The Hobbit
Fallowfen's Truly Golden
Fallowfen's Trust in Heidi
Fallowfen Tuscany Red
Fallowfen's Ultimate Boy
Fallowfen's Ultimate Chap
Fallowfen's Ultimate Cody
Fallowfen's Ultimate Friend
Fallowfen's Ultimate Lad
Fallowfen's Vibrant Lady
Fallowfen's Vigilant Hiker
Fallowfen's Viking Warrior
Fallowfen's Vocal Fiammetta of Scrafia
Fallowfen's Warlord Toby
Fallowfen Warmhearted Roxy
Fallowfen's Watership Down
Fallowfen's Wealthy in Love
Fallowfen Widgeon
Fallowfen's Will I Am
Fallowfen's Willow the Wisp
Fallowfen's Winner Is
Fallowfen Wise Yogi
Fallowfen's Woeful Rusty
Fallowfen's Xan
Fallowfen's Xander
Fallowfen's Xanto
Fallowfen's Yaden
Fallowfen's Yannis
Fallowfen's Yara
Fallowfen's Yasmin
Fallowfen's Yoko of Tiamaria
Fallowfen's Yola
Fallowfen's Yuna
Fallowfen's Yuri
Fallowfen's Zac
Fallowfen's Zane
Fallowfen's Zara
Fallowfen's Zebedee
Fallowfen's Zena
Fallowfen's Zeus
Fallowfen's Zita
Fallowfen's Zoey
Fallowfen's Zoolander