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Name:Mr N C & Mrs Y S Burchell
Contact Details:
Telephone:07913 658012
Number Of Dogs Bred:23
Kennel Club Accredited Breeder  

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Tivalake American in Paris
Tivalake Anchors Aweigh
Tivalake Cherish
Tivalake Cool Yule
Tivalake Could It Be Forever
Tivalake Cover Girl
Tivalake Daydreamer
Tivalake Deep In My Heart
Tivalake How Can I Be Sure
Tivalake I Am A Clown
Tivalake Jingle Bell Rock
Tivalake Joy to the World
Tivalake Let it Snow
Tivalake More Than Wishes
Tivalake More Than Words
Tivalake On The Town
Tivalake Only You
Tivalake Rock My Baby
Tivalake Stay Another Day
Tivalake Sum Kind Of Summer
Tivalake Summer Stock
Tivalake White Christmas
Tivalake Words And Music